At Secure GPS E-Track™, we know that every minute counts and that monetary loss is measured by the hour – not by the day. That’s why in addition to our wide array of specialized shipping solutions, we also offer on-board courier services for those circumstances when time is literally working against you. Designed specifically to get you back up and running as soon as possible, our on-board courier service avoids potential delays related to a change of equipment, connecting flights and other variables typically out of your control. Essentially, depending on size and weight, packages are not checked as baggage, but hand carried and delivered directly and in person by one of Secure GPS E-Track’s ™ own couriers. Specifically, when you choose to send a shipment via our on-board courier service, we offer you:

- Door-to-door pickup and delivery 364 days a year
- Pick up usually within 60 minutes – anywhere and any time
- Same day domestic service and next day delivery to most international locations
- The highest level of security and reliability
- Expedited customs clearance
- Automatic proof of delivery via the internet, phone, fax or email
- 24/7/364 access to our experienced team of Aviation specialists
- Real-time GPS tracking and tracing from pick-up through delivery via the internet

Since your packages are personally escorted, your dedicated courier can simply walk your shipment through customs or on to another flight if necessary – virtually eliminating any risk of slow down. And with our far-reaching global network, you can easily combine Secure GPS E-Track’s™ on-board courier service with any one of our best-in-class transportation solutions, whether next available flight out, next drive out or aircraft charter management, to make absolutely certain your delivery is made on or ahead of schedule.

Expertly meeting your most time-critical needs for more than 12 years, Secure GPS E-Track™ has been helping distributors, service centers, MROs, OEMs and aircraft maintenance support companies meet even the tightest, most seemingly impossible timeframes. With a wide array of customized solutions for shipping everything from small parts and urgent documents, to aircraft engines and dangerous goods, Secure GPS E-Track™ offers you fast response times, precision handling and unmatched dependability. Our onboard courier service is just one more example of how focused we are on your business, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your package is never out-of-hand. What’s more, with Secure GPS E-Track’s™ exclusive online GPS tracking service, you are able to track, trace, monitor and confirm the whereabouts of your shipments every step of the way, in real-time right from your desktop.

Whether you are shipping wardrobe boxes and computers for trial site set up, exhibits for trial, confidential documents for government filings or merger and acquisition procedures – only Quick can offer you the full range of industry specific services designed to make your job a little easier.

Since 1997, Secure GPS E-Track™ has been providing many of the leading law firms around the world with shipping solutions tailored to meet their individual needs. Our legal services team is the best at what they do, with an in depth knowledge of your business combined with the expertise to move your shipments quickly while ensuring you the utmost security. They’ll work with you to meet even your most impossible deadlines, helping you identify the best route for maximum cost savings. Plus, our exclusive internet based Secure GPS E-Track™ online tracking service lets you track, trace, monitor and confirm every move of your shipments – right from your desktop. You can even place orders, access real-time flight status and view invoices for a complete end-to-end solution.

At Secure GPS E-Track™, we understand that your life can get pretty hectic. You don’t always have time to worry about how a shipment is going to get where it needs to be – just that it will, which is why you need an expert partner who knows you, and knows your business – a team of dedicated specialists who custom design shipping solutions to meet every individual situation that arises. Our specialized legal services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – even after hours, weekends and holidays. Specifically, Secure GPS E-Track™ offers you:

- Pickup and delivery from anywhere, to anywhere in the world
- Fast solutions with same day service in the U.S. and U.K. and overnight delivery to most international locations whether by direct drive, next available flight or charter aircraft
- Economical solutions when time is not a factor, such as 2-day and 3-day services, as well as deferred delivery
- Cost-effective solutions – charging by total weight shipped as opposed to per piece
- Shipping solutions for government agency filing projects – from any city to any government agency, regardless of how large or how urgent
- Full logistics services for trial set up, as well as pre-arranged trial moves, shipping by air freight or truck for the most compelling cost savings
- Dedicated vehicles so your materials travel together, ensuring security and accountability
- Custom invoicing, either billing your client directly or billing on your behalf
- State-of-the-art tracking services so we can monitor each shipment every step of the way
- Automatic proof of delivery via the Web, or by phone, fax or email
- Coordination of document retrieval projects with the copy vendor of your choice