About Secure GPS E-Track™
Secure GPS E-Track™ is a privately held GPS tracking solutions provider. Our founding members have over 40 years experience in GPS tracking markets, related software and RF technologies. We have experience designing total system solutions to our customer’s requirements, manufacturing the hardware, writing the software and in applying our knowledge of the markets and technologies to provide our customers the best, most affordable solutions.

Our integrated location and communications technologies enable our clients to obtain much higher security, lower operating costs and improvements in their overall logistics management efficiencies. These are the benefits that Secure GPS E-Track™ derives from its flexible software platform that allows usage of various GPS devices to best fit the operating environment and our customer’s specific needs.

Secure GPS E-Track™ offers extensive experience, capabilities and the latest technologies in the selected location based services markets of container tracking, trailer/package tracking, vehicle tracking, high value asset tracking and personal asset security.

We have excellent relations with key suppliers of hardware to obtain best pricing. We own or license all software programs used to run our system’s solutions, and are continually updating the programs to offer more tracking and management features, and to integrate emerging related technologies. Secure GPS E-Track™ currently provides vehicle tracking programs and total container security programs in North & South America, Asia, Eastern & Western Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Antarctica and Kreplachistan, we offer a strong base of experience and capabilities to assure our customers of success in their tracking and related security needs.